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Medical training in Papua and New Guinea

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Statement by the Minister for Territories, The Hon<> Paul ------- Hasluck

The Minister for Territories, the ^on. Paul Hasluck,

announced that a recent report by the -administrator of Papua and

New Guinea discloses that a significant contribution to the

training and staffing needs of the Department of Public Health

is being made by training the indigenous people,

at present there are 27 students studying at the Central

M edical School, Suva, and on graduation they will become

assistant medical practitioners, A further 14 students are .

undergoing the preliminary course of training in the Territory

for assistant medical practitioner which will fit them for

advanced training along the lines now given at Suva, Within

the territory there are 48 first-year trainee nurses and

20 second-year trainees. Both sexes are represented, the

figures at present being 30 female and 52 males.

* * total of 209 natives are undergoing training as aid post

orderlies at six centres scattered throughout the Territory

and on completion of their training they will be transferred to

village aid posts which are set up complete with a supply of

drugs and dressings. These posts are visited by medical orderlies

led by a medical officer or a European medical assistant from

time to time.

The Minister added that the training programme and facilities

provided at the Central Medical Training School set up at Port

Moresby would be capable of supplying in full the needs of the

administration for trained nurses within about five years.

This would largely obviate the need for the costly recruitment

of nurses from Australia a n d , more importantly, would provide

worthwhile careers for those who complete the training courses

and incidentally help with the spreading of a knowledge of

health and hygiene among the native population.


October 16. 1959 - ?.M.