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New shipping service could aid exports

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FOR PRESS . No.752.


(Statement by Mr R.W. Swartz Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Trade.)

Prospects of increased exports from Australia to Guam

and the Trust territories of the Northern Marianas, Caroline and_

Marshall Islands should improve materially with the introduction

of a direct shipping service next· month, the Parliamentary

Secretary to the Minister for Trade, Mr R.W. Swartz, said today.

Mr Swartz said that a report, received from Mr D.L.

Crawford, Australian Trade Commissioner in Manila, who recently

visited Guam, had shown that"' Australia was well placed to cater

for the areas requirement's of foodstuffs, including frozen meat,

eggs, rice, sugar, builder's hardware, galvanised iron and

fabricated steel.

Australian exports to Guam are at present transhipped

in Japan, adding greatly to the cost and the time of delivery..

Mr Swartz said that the direct shipping dervice, apart

from offering quick delivery at competitive rates of, freight, also

opened up to Australian exporters the opportunity to ship perish­

able items such as flour and potatoes, which could not previously

be offered, owing to the length of time required for delivery.

"Initially sailings will be at monthly intervals but

could increase if the vessel receives the anticipated support

from Australian manufacturers and exporters" Mr Swartz said.

Mr Swartz said that manufacturers and exporters

interested in Trade with these islands should contact the

Regional Offices of the Department of Trade in the capital cities.



September 17th, 1959· ■