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Agricultural council scholarships extended

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Statement by the Minister for Primary Industry, The Hon0 C. F. Adermann

The Minister for Primary Industry, Mr, G»Pt Adermann,

said to-day that the basis of qualification for the twelve

Australian Agricultural Council Scholarships awarded each year

v/ould be broadened in future. These scholarships are financed

from the Commonwealth portion of the Commonwealth Extension

Services Grant, Two are awarded annually to each of the six

States and to date they have been restricted to degree courses

in Agricultural Science.

Mr. Adermann said :

"On the recommendation of the Standing Committee on

Agriculture I have approved the extension of the entitlement to

the twelve Agricultural Council Scholarships awarded annually for

University degree courses in Agricultural Science on the basis of

two to each State. · '

"In future both the course in Agricultural Engineering at

the University of Melbourne and the course in Agricultural

Economics at the University of New England will qualify for

inclusion, I think that there will be an increasing demand for

mon with University training in Agricultural Engineering and

Agricultural Economics.

"The Standing Committee also considered a proposal from the

Australian Veterinary Association that twelve additional

scholarships in Veterinary Science should be on a similar basis.

Unfortunately, however, the funds available in the Extension

Services Grant are not sufficient for the purpose. I have

approved that the degree course in Veterinary Science will also

be included in the list of courses that arc eligible for

consideration by the Selection Committee when making their

selection of applicants in each State. The requirements for men

trained in Agricultural Science, Agricultural Engineering,

Agricultural Economics and Veterinary Science will vary from time

to time and from State to State. The Director of Agriculture in

each State will therefore have the discretion to decide each year

which degree courses should be given priority by the Selection


The Minister added - .

"We must have a continuing flow of men from the Universities

if we arc to step up still further the rate of agricultural progress achieved since the last w ar, which has been duo in no

small measure to the application of science to the problems of

rural production."

Ga NBa RRa

September 2, 1959