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Historic Canberra pictures

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Statement "by the Minister for the Interior, Mr. J.D. Anthony

The Minister for the Interior, Mr. Anthony, announced today that

the Commonwealth had been given nine original water colour paintings

of Canberra o$ great historical interest.

They were painted in 1910-11 and show the National Capital site as it was then. ·

Eight of the paintings are by R.C.G. Coulter and the other by J.G.. Brown.

They were donated by Mrs. Selwyn Miller, of Glen Innes, N.S.W., the

daughter-in-law of Lieutenant-Colonel (later General) David Miller.

Lt. Col. Miller was Secretary of the Department of Home Affairs and

became the first administrator of the Federal Capital Territory.

Arrangements for the paintings to be received by the Commonwealth

were made by the Minister for Social Services, Mr. Sinclair, after they

were offered by Mrs. Miller.

Mr. Anthony said the painting by Mr. Brown — a draftsman with the

first survey party in Canberra — showed the party’s tents on the . site:they occupied on sloping ground to the west of Capital Hill

from:January 1910 to December 1911. '

Mr. Coulter's paintings were part of a series used as the basis of a cyclorama in colour of the Canberra site. ■

Printed copies of the cyclorama were sent to persons interested in

entering the international competition held in 1911 to secure a

design for the National Capital.

Mr. Anthony said Mr. Coulter, with two professional colleagues,

submitted a design in the competition. .

Although one adjudicator chose Mr. Coulter’s design, the other two

preferred Walter Burley Griffin's entry. The Commonwealth later

bought Mr. Coulter's entry for £400.

Mr. Anthony said all the paintings were in good order and still in

their original frames. They had been placed in the custody of the Commonwealth Archives Office.

His department would display them at the first suitable opportunity,

Mr. Anthony said.

CANBERRA 26/8/65