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Admiral visits Canberra

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Navy Rublie Relations




The Flag Offieer-in-Charge of the Navy 1s East

Australia Area, Rear Admiral O.H. Becher, will visit Canberra

this week for his annual inspection of H.M.A. S . HARMAN, · the

Naval Radio Station. · -

.Admiral Becher will inspect the receiving centre at

Harman and the transmitting station at Belconnen on Thursday.

' Most of H.M.A.S. HARI.LAN's "ship:1 s company" of about

400 sailors and' Wrans 'will parade in divisions,·and the Admiral

will take the salute at a march past. It will be something of

a Joint-Service occasion, with music played by the band of the

Royal Military College.

■ H.M.A.S. HARMAN is the Nav y ’s main shore radio station,

and is -Australia's biggest radio transmitting centre. It is a

major link in world Naval communications, a n d is capable of

keeping in touch "with Allied Naval Commands and R.A.N. ships

throughout the world. .

Memo Chiefs of Staff; , ·

The parade begins at 5 a.m. on - Thursday (26th). Anyone

wishing to cover the ceremony should arrive at 8.45» and ask for

L t . Ian McConnochie, the HARMAN PRO. Any further information

could be obtained from Lt. McConnochie at 71518,"" exfens ion 89

(work) 41 (home).

* * * * * * * * *

Canberra 24th August, 1565