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Malaysian Government welcomes Australian Defence aid

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F O R THE PRESSΝ' \ ' Released in Canberra and Kuala Lumpur

19th August, 1965.



PR 80



The following is the text of a statement by the

Malaysian Minister for Defence, Tun Abdul Razak, welcoming..

the announcement of more defence aid for the Malaysian area:

"The Malaysian Government welcomes with great

pleasure the statement in the Australian Parliament

yesterday providing a new defence aid programme to

the Malaysian area, involving aid of about

£49 1/2 million (approx, dollars M.65 million) over

the next two years.

This aid is in addition to the defence assistance programme of £43 million (approx, dollars M.20 million) which commenced last year.

Like last year's aid programme, the new aid will cover a wide range of Australian equipment and train­

ing assistance.

The new programme of defence aid will be of considerable

assistance to Malaysia in the further build up of her '

armed forces and strengthening of her defence capability.

The aid covers all units of the Malaysian forces

in Malaysia and Singapore including those now being raised or to be raised in the next two years.

. The Malaysian Government is very grateful to the .

Australian Government for the new aid which re-assures the determination of Australia to see that the independ­

ence of Malaysia and Singapore is kept intact and safeguarded from aggression from without. .

Australian troops are already ably assisting Malaysian forces in the Borneo areas.

. The speedy response of the Australian Government

, to our needs is highly commendable considering the fact that the second Australian defence aid mission to determine our needs only left the country at the end of

0 3

2 .

May, 1965, to recommend to the Australian Government further

defence assistance to Malaysia.- '''

The Australians have also acted expeditiously in

effecting delivery of defence goods to Malaysia.

Under the new defence aid.··programme of dollars M.65-...

million,. Australia has been asked· to supply such items as

engineering plant and equipment, arms and ammunition,

vehicles, tents and a variety of ordnance stores.

The assistance requested also covers a range of naval

stores including boats for the .-Royal: Malaysian Navy. "

Furthermore, the programme is expected to include

training of our armed forces personnel in Australian

military training schools and establishments covering such courses as staff training, engineering, signalling, etc."