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Roads Bureau Chairman appointed

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The Commonwealth Government has appointed Hr. Harold T.

Loxton, H.C.D., 3.5c., Α.Π.Ϊ.2. (Aust.), Deputy Director engineering)

of the Weapons Sesearch Hstablishmentΐ South Australia, as Cnairman

of the Co"r.nonv;e6ltii Bureau- of Roads. ' ‘ '

Announcing this today the Federal Minister for Shipping

and Transport, Hr. Gordon Freeth, said that Hr. Loxton, who is 54

years of age, had had a long and varied experience in the engineering

field commencing as engineer with the Victorian Country -oads ooard.

During the war he was attached to the Munitions Supply Laboratories

where he wes responsible for the setting up of the testing sub­

section dealing largely with aircraft manufacture. He was later

with the Allied 'Vries Council in various positions particularly '

associated with the construction of aerodromes.

Hr. Freeth said that Hr. Loxton had been in his present

position of Deputy Director, Engineer, "weapons Lesearch establishment,

South Australia, since.1957 and was responsible for all engineering

works in the ’"e a pons Desearch establishment.

The Minister added that there was a substantial amount of

administrative work in Hr. Loxton’s present position and he had under

his control some 2,CCD men including engineers, technical officers,

draftsmen, tradesmen, etc.

Hr. Freeth said Hr. Loxton was highly qualified academically

having the Degree of Master of Civil engineering and Bachelor of Science.

The Minister said that since Farllament had approved the

establishment of the Commonwealth Bureau of Loads his Department end

himself had been searching both overseas and in Australia for a

suitable Chairmen and had interviewed"!! number of eligible engineer

all of whom possess special qualifications.

Hr. Freeth said that the Government had always felt that the

Chairman of the newly created Bureau should be a practical engineers

wit · a v/ide administrative experience.and a good background of Contnon-

wealth/State administration in the road field. He was delighted that ,

Mr. Loxton who f ille d all. these requirements was.prepared to accept the

position. _ ,


. Τη a Bureau’s f i r s t major task would be to make an assessment

of the current road situation in Australia.

Now that the Chairman -has been appointed, Mr. Freeth said,

the Bureau could proceed with setting up i t s office. The Chairman .

will be directly responsible to the Minister for Shipping and Transport,

and will be joined by two part-time members, yet" to be appointed.

Under the Act creating the Commonwealth Bureau of Roads

the Bureau has authority to a point i t s own s t a f f as i t considers

i t necessary, .

It is expected that Hr. Loxton will set up headquarters in

Melbourne at the Department of Shipping and Transport.


Copies of a photograph of. Mr. Loxton are available from the Minister’s Office, Fsrllament House Room L.133