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Satellite surveying

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Statement by the Minister for the Army, Dr. the Hon. A.J. Forbes

Satellite surveying from Manus Island, north of

New Guinea, is to be extended to include observations from

Bougainville Island.

The Minister for the Army, Dr. A.J., Forbes, said

today that under the agreement with the United States the ■

Australian Army would co-operate with the US in the geodetic


■ An American reconnaissance team would shortly visit

Bougainville*: It would be followed by 10-man service and '

civilian teams who would operate on Manus and Bougainville

Islands. ' ·

The whole project would take from three to six

months. 1 '

The Royal Australian Survey Corps would receive all ' · ■ ■

observation data from America. ' This information would be

supplemented by data received from recent US Hiran airborne

geodetic surveys in New Guinea, North Australia and adjacent · .


On May 7» this year, the Minister for Defence, .

Senator Shane Paltridge, announced that the United States ·

Army would make observations from Manus Island to their geodetic

satellite Sec or.

. Sec or is a small geodetic satellite, weighing only

40 pounds, which had been put into constant altitude orbit

about 600 miles above the earth.

It was designed to provide surveyors with an all­

weather means of accurately measuring between land masses,

separated by ocean, up te 1,000 miles apart. '



Mobile ground stations are set up at three points -

whose position on. the earth's surface is known - and at a fourth

point whose position is to be determined. '

Signals are sent to the satellite from each ground

station and relayed by the satellite.

Prom ranges determined in this manner, the position

of the unknown station is computed. . ■

One mobile station is then moved to a new unknown '

point and the procedure is repeated. , .

In addition to its value to map makers, providing

accurate inter--!§1 and ties, it was adding considerably to

knowledge of the earth's shape and surface.

The information would be used by the Department of ':

National Development to improve the accuracy of New Guinea

mapping and its relation to the mainland of Australia.

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Further information

■ CANBERRA: Major Barrie Gillman (61-2212)

■ ' (QBN 1046)


(ξ> August, 1 965.