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Appointments to australian universities commission

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The Minister-in-Charge of'Commonwealth Activities in Education and Research, Senator Gorton, announced to-day the re­ appointment of the Chairman and four members of the Australian Universities Commission, together with the appointment of two new

members. .· · ·

Senator Gorton said that Sir Leslie Martin, who had given distinguished service as Chairman since the institution of the Commission, would continue as Chairman until 30th June, 1966. In addition, Sir James Vernon, Professor Bayliss, Professor Sunderland and Professor Trendall would continue as members for a

further three years. Two former members of the Commission, Sir Kenneth Wills of Adelaide and Mr. Kenneth Myer of Melbourne, had both found, because of the pressure of their other commitments, they would be unable to continue to serve on the Commission. Senator Gorton expressed his thanks and those of the Government to Sir Kenneth and Mr, Myer for their important contribution to the work of the Commission, which demanded a large sacrifice of both

time and effort of its part-time members.

Professor D. P. Derham and Mr. R. A. Simpson have been appointed to the Commission for the first time. Professor Derham is Professor of Law at Monash University and has already given the Commonwealth valuable advice on legal problems in Papua/New Guinea;

as a member of the Martin Committee on Tertiary Education; and as an assessor to the academic salaries inquiry. Mr. Simpson is a prominent Adelaide businessman, a Director amongst other under­ takings of Simpson/Pope Holdings Limited; he has been interested

in the problems of higher education for many years and since 1939 has been Chairman of the Finance Committee of the University of Adelaide.

Senator Gorton said that, because of steady growth in the work of the Commission, the Government had recently decided to increase the part-time membership of the Commission from six to eight; this together with the full-time Chairman, Sir Leslie Martin, would make a total of nine members. Amending legislation

to permit the proposed increase would be introduced during the coming Budget Session.

. Sir Leslie MARTIN, C.B.E., Ph. Π , (Cantab.), F.A.A., F.R.S. (Chairman) . i .

Professor N. S. BAYLISS, C.3.E., Ph.D. (Calif.), F.A.A.

Professor D. P. DERHAM, M.B.E., B.A., LL.M. '

Mr. R. A. SIMPSON, B.E., F.S.A.S.M., A.M.I.E. Aust.

Professor S. SUNDERLAND, C.M.G., M.D. (Melb.), D.Sc. (Melb.), . F.A.A. .

. Professor A. D. TRENDALL, C.M.G., K.C.S.G., Litt.D. (N.Z. and . . Melb.), D.Litt. (Adel.) .

Sir James VERNON, C.B.E., Ph.D. (Lond.). ' >

13th July, 1965: