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Comissioning of missile destroyer

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Navy Public Relations



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Australia’s first guided missile destroyer, H.M.A.S,

PERTH, will officially join the Royal Australian Navy this week,

PERTH, the first of three CHARLES F. ADAMS Class

destroyers on order from the United States, will commission in

Boston on Saturday (17th July)c

The Minister for the Navy, Mr. Chaney, said today that

the commissioning of PERTH was a milestone in Australia’s Naval

development. PERTH, with missile systems for use against aircraft

and submarines, would be one of the most powerful warships ever

to serve with the Royal Australian Navy,

In addition to its missile armament, the 4,500 ton

destroyer would have rapid-firing five inch guns and homing

torpedoes. This fire power was linked with a deadly control

system that automatically selected the target, aimed the weapons,

and then "locked" them onto the target*

Mr. Chaney said PERTH was the forerunner of a squadron

of versatile, missile-equipped destroyers that would give '

Australia greatly increased strength at sea.

The second of the destroyers, H.M.A.S. HOBART, will be

completed at the end of this year, and the third, H.M.A.S.

BRISBANE, in 1967= The £60-million order for the three R.A.N.

ships was awarded to the Defoe Company of Bay City, Michigan*



At next Saturday’s commissioning ceremony in the

U.S. Navy’s shipyards at Boston, the Australian Ambassador

to the United States, Mr, Keith Waller, will fomally accept .

H.M.A0S. PERTH for the Australian Government. The White Ensign

will be hoisted for the first time, and 332 officers and men

of the RiA.N. will officially take delivery of their new ship,

PERTH, under the command of Captain Ian Cartwright,

of Melbourne, will next spend some months carrying out

, 1work-up" exercises in the United States« She will arrive in

Australia during the first half of next year.

The new H.M.A.S. PERTH perpetuates the memory of the

famous Second World War cruiser of the same name, which went

down fighting in the Sunda Strait in 1942»


Canberra 11th July, 1965