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New chief of staff for third division

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Statement by the Minister for the Arm y , Dr. the Hon. A.J. Forbes

• ' Colonel R.T. Elhridge has been appointed Chief·of Staff

at Headquarters, 3rd Division (Victoria), the Minister for the Army,

Dr. A.J. Forbes, announced today. ·

Colonel Ξ1bridge was formerly Assistant Head of the

Australian Joint Services Staff in the United Kingdom.

Other new appointments were: .

. NSW - Lieutenant-Colonel P.H.G. Oxley, Commanding Officer

of 5th Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment, to .

become Commanding Officer, 3rd Recruit Training Battalion

at Singleton, ana promoted to colonel;

• NSW - Major J.A. Y/arr, appointed Commanding Officer of

5th Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment, Holsworthy,

and promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel;

• VIC - Lieutenant-Colonel A.H. Smith, appointed Commanding

Officer of 7th Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment,

at Puckapunyal.

These three appointments would become effective in September

this year. ' ·


, . Colonel Eldridge graduated from the Royal Military College

in 1940, served at the Armoured School, and later saw active service

with the Infantry at Tarakan, before being attached as an observer

with the U.S. Forces at Leyte. He served in occupied Japan and was

also attached to the British Army on- the Rhine and also held , '

instructional appointments until 195b. During this period he also

attended the Australian Staff College, and the Command and General.

Staff College in the United States. In 1956 he was appointed .

Chief Instructor at the Armoured School, and the following year, was

additionally appointed Commanding Officer. In 1960 he became ■ .

Commanding Officer of the Papua and New Guinea Volunteer. Rifles, ·

and Area Commander, Papua and New Guinea, and on his return to ■

Australia was seconded, to the Defence Department·as Assistant Head

of the Australian Joint Services Staff in London.


Lieutenant-Colonel Oxley was corn at Cairns in 1923, and

educated at the Brisbane Grammar School. He graduated from Duntroon . Γ ■

in 1942, and during World War II served in Papua, New Guinea and in

~he Bouganville campaign. After a number of Staff appointments he

became a company commander·with 2nd Battalion, the Royal Australian ■

Regiment, and from 1953 to- the end of 1957, was Brigade Major of

28th Commonwealth Infantry Brigade Group in Malaya. Further regimental

and Staff appointments preceded his secondment to the Defence '

Department as Military and Naval Attache, South Vietnam in 1963. On

his return to Australia in March, 1965, he was appointed Commanding

Officer of 5th Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment. ·

Major Warr graduated from the Royal Military College in 1947

and served in a number of regimental appointments with the Infantry,

including a period in Korea with 3rd Battalion, the Royal Australian

Regiment. He later served with Headquarters, 3rd Cadet Brigade, and

from 1952 to 1955 was -Adjutant of the 8/7th Infantry Battalion. Staff

appointments followed until 1957, when he attended the .Australian

Staff College, and in 1959 he was attached to the Australian Military

Mission in the United States as an interchange officer with the Canadian

Army. He took up regimental duties with 1st Battalion the Royal

Australian Regiment in 1962, and became Deputy Assistant A.d jutant and

Quartermaster General with that Battalion in 1964. · '

Lieutenant-Colonel Smith graduated from the Royal.Military

College in 1944, and served with the 2/3rd A.ustralian Infantry ■

Battalion, and the 4th .Australian Infantry Battalion in the closing

stages of the war. After regimental and National Service appointments,

he was appointed Senior Instructor at the Officer Cadet School in

1953 and later attended the Staff College at Camberley, in the A .

United Kingdom. After an appointment with the Australian Army Staff-

while in the United Kingdom, he held regimental appointments with

1st and 2nd Battalions of the Royal .Australian Regiment, before being

appointed Assistant Quartermaster General at Headquarters, 3rd .

Division, in December, 1962; . . , '

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