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For release after 7 a.m. Sunday, July 4, 1965



The Minister for Immigration, Mr. Hubert Opperman,

M . P . , returned to Australia today after a ten weeks overseas

tour in which he had discussions with the Governments of 12

different countries.

"It is good to have this Government-to-Goverhment

understanding on a new and up-to-date basis", he said.

"Everywhere I went overseas I found lively interest in

migration to Australia. Our name abroad stands high.

"We have established ourselves internationally as an

example of efficient migration operation and smooth integration",

he said.

"Direct contact with the Australian immigration

offices overseas has been stimulating and informative for all

who participated in it, and I have been most impressed by their

efficiency and devotion.

"None-the-less we will have to make even more strenuous

efforts to maintain and expand, the flow of,migrants we need -

which is so essential to our country's future.

"All concerned (and especially prospective employers)

must seek and join in new and imaginative measures to ensure

that our opportunities are known and the right migrants are

attracted to take them.

"Britain continues to provide a lively flow of migrants.

In the year just ended we received a record number of 70,000 ·

assisted passage migrants from Britain.

"Co-cperation there between my Department and State

representatives and employers' delegations has been a notable

reason, for our success.

"I have seen the European Common Market as a working

reality with traditional sources such as Germany and Holland

themselves bringing in workers from other countries.

"This makes vigorous new efforts by all involved in

immigration both in and out of the Government imperative.

We cannot afford to rest on our laurels".

Mr. Opperman said that while in Geneva he assured the

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Mr. Felix

Schnyder, of Australia's continued support for resettling refugees

"I told him that although we allow for 1,500 refugees

in our year's assisted migration programme, this figure was not

inflexible," said Mr. Opperman. - .


2 ,

*. -t

'Tf more than 1,500 who me-e.t-- our -standards are

available w e 'Will we 1 corns- them” , . ' .

Mr. Opperman said that when he addressed the

Intergovernmental Committee for European Migration (I.C.E.M.)

in Geneva, he was able to say with pride that the 417,000

■ migrants who. had come to Australia through I.C.E.M. had made a

■-.far-reaching impact on. Australia 5s development and progress,

not only economically,·.■hut also socially and.culturally.

"I also spoke about .-the. diligent ..and purposeful work '

done by voluntary organisations throughout Australia to help

new. settlers become .integrated into the Australian community",

he said.

. . . . . "In. Rome, in an address to the ..Italian Society-for

International Organisations., I traced--the history of. Italian

migration to Australia, and-pointed to the great benefit '

-Australia has derived from the-enterprise and.-energy of '

. Italian.·, settlers, ' '

. . . .. ' . "A· .lasting impression of my tour is the-effect of our ·

' iflimigyation..i>rpgramme in promoting matusl understanding-between

Australia, and overseas ·countries".''

.Department of·-Immigration., CANBERRA, A.0,1.

•July . 4 -·; 1965-· . . ; ,

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The Minister for Immigration, Mr. Hubert Opperman,

M.P., left Australia on April 23 on a ten-weeks1 tour to

promote migration from Britain and Europe.

He. visited Italy, Malta, Switzerland, Greece, Spain,

the Netherlands, France, West Germany, Belgium, Austria and


During the tour, he .

. signed new migration agreements with the Netherlands,

West.Germany and Malta;

. had talks with Ministers and high government officials

of migrant-source countries throughout Europe;

. addressed the Council of the Intergovernmental

Committee for European Migration in Geneva.

Australja is a founder-member of this 29-nation


. conferred with United Nations High Commissioner

for Refugees at.Geneva;

. had discussions with the British Prime Minister,

Mr. Wilson, the Secretary of State and Commonwealth

Relations, Mr, Bottomley, the Home Secretary,

. Sir Frank Soskice, the Leader of the Opposition,

' Sir Alexander Douglas Home, and the Prime

Minister of Northern Ireland, Captain Terence


. met Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, and the

' Dutch Prime Minister, Mr. Joseph Cals;

. had an audience with the Pope;

, appeared on TV and radio and at Press conferences

in practically every country he visited;

. inspected nearly all Australian immigration

offices overseas;

. saw migrant hostels, training establishments

and departure centres in Italy, Greece and


. visited the Australian trade display in Madrid;


. talked to refugees at hostels near Iron Curtain


On the return journey to Australia, Mr. Opperman

spent several days each in Ottawa (for discussions with the

acting Prime Minister, Mr. Paul Martin; the Minister for

Immigration, Mr, J.R. Nicholson, and other ministers), and

in Washington,where he met the Attorney-General, M r . N . de B.

Katzenbach, Congressional leaders (including the Speaker,

/ 2 ..

2 .

John W. McCormack, and Congressman Emmanuel Celler,

Chairman of the. Judiciary Committee of the House of

Representatives) and the United States Commissioner of

Immigration, Mr. R.E. Farrell.

He addressed the'Australian-American Club of San

Francisco at luncheon.

With Mr. Opperman on the tour were Mrs. Opperman

and the Secretary of the Department of Immigration, Mr. P.R.

Heydon, and Mr. Opperman's secretary, M r s . D. Simpson. .

Department of Immigration,


July 4, 1965.

Navy Public Relations.

Immediate Release.

682/53 .


A wartime pilot with the R.A.A.F., who later won the

D.S.C. flying with the Fleet Air Arm in Korea, has been

selected for promotion to the rank of Captain in the Royal

Australian Navy.

He is Commander H.E. Bailey, who is at present serving

as Executive Officer of the Australian Flagship, H.M.A.S. MELBOURNE.

He joined the Navy in 1948, and flew from H.M.A.S. SYDNEY in

the Korean War.

; Commander Bailey is among fifteen R.A.N. officers

selected for promotion in the Navy's half-yearly promotion

lipt issued in Canberra today by the Minister for the Navy,

Mr. Chaney.

The list contains three Captains and twelve Commanders.

In addition, two officers are given immediate promotions, as

are twelve officers in the Naval Reserve Forces.

The officers selected for promotion to Captain at

the end of this year ares­

. Commander Harold E. Bailey, of Canberra; and

. Commander Domara A.H. Clarke, M.V.O., D.S.C., of

Sydney, a former Captain of H.M.A.S. ANZAC and now

serving on the staff of the Flag Officer in Charge East Australia Area

. Acting Captain Henry J. Bodman, of Sydney, Captain i

of the Apprentice Training Establishment, H.M.A.S. ;

NIRIMBA. . · ■

Selected for promotion to Commander on the 31st of

December ares- .

. Acting Commander James M. Kelly, D.S.C., of Sydney,;

currently serving in H.M.A.S. MELBOURNE.

. Acting Commander Johannes P. Van Gelder, of Canberra,

Assistant Director of the Plans Division at Navy Office. . ' / 2


. Lieutenant-Commander Ian K. Josselyn, of Sydney,

on the staff of the Australian Naval Attache in

. Washington. '

. Lieutenant-Commander Ian K. Wilson, of Sydney,

serving in H.M.A.S. STUART.

. Lieutenant-Commander Jim Velkou, of Kogarah, N.S.W.,

serving at H.M.A.S. ALBATROSS.

. . Acting Commander Alfred J. McClelland, of Beacon Hill·,

. N.S.W., serving at H.M.A.S. KUTTABUL.

. Lieutenant-Commander William R. Wheeler, of Epping,

N.S.W., H.M.A.S. YARRA. · · ■

. Lieutenant-Commander Desmond D. Miller, of Frankston,


' . Acting Commander Richard J.F. Brown, of Kingsford,

N.S.W., training in the United States for H.M.A.S.


• . Lieutenant-Commander Brian J. V/riggles, of Canberra,

on the staff of the Director of Officers1

Appointments at Navy Office.

'. Acting Instructor Commander John J. Timbs, of ■

Balgowlah, N.S.W., serving at the Royal Australian

Naval College.

. Acting Surgeon Commander Bernard J . O'Donnell, of .

Rose Bay, N.S.W., serving at H.M.A.S. KUTTABUL.

The Navy’s promotion system normally provides for

provisional selection six months in advance of final confirmation

of rank to permit re-arrangement of appointments and for other

internal purposes.


Officers granted direct promotions are Acting ·

"Commander David Nicholls, of Canberra, who becomes a Commander, '

and Third Officer Marcia C„ Chalmers, of H.M.A.S. MELVILLE,'

Darwin, who is promoted to the W.R.A.N.S. rank of Second Officer.

Commander Nicholls, a former Naval Officer-in-Charge in South

Australia, is serving at Navy Office as Co-ordinator of Naval


Reserve promotions are as follows %-

R.A.N.R. (Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander ) %-. John T. Clift, of Rockhampton, Qld.

. Gordon R. Latham, of Hobart.

. Keith F. Pennefather, Hobart.

. Alan R. Black, Oxford Park, Brisbane.

. George H. Lovell, Salisbury, Brisbane. ■

R.A.N.V.R. (Lieutenant to Lieutenant-Commander).

. Harry E.T. Buckeridge, of Glen Waverly, Vic.

. Geoffrey F. O'Donnell Danne, Hawthorn, Vic. .

. Malcolm R. Bruce, Burwood, Vic.

. Frank A. Slutzkin, North Caulfield, Vic.

. Arthur F. Parry, Caringbah, N.S.W.

. Richard A. Ruttle, M.B.E., of Claremont, W.A.

. Anthony H. Bartlett, Croydon, Vic.

The half-yearly list also comfirmed the promotion of

two Captains and nine Commanders provisionally selected six

months ago.

The officers now confirmed in their new ranks ares-

- 3 -


A.A. Willis, of Sydney; and K.W. Shands, Canberra.


I.W. Broben, SEATO Headquarters, Bangkok; P.E.M. Holloway, of

Brisbane. .

G-.J.M. Clark, Sydney; J.G. Stacey, Canberra; L.W. Binnington,

Nowra; R.R.'Calder, Assistant Naval Attache, Washington; H.H.G.

Dalrymple, Canberra; K. Vonthethoff, Canberra; and W.J. Brash, of Canberra.

Canberra. 5th July, 1965.