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Dairy research allocations 1965/66

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■ The Minister for Primary Industry Mr. C.F. Adermann

today announced that he had approved allocation of £404,283

from the Dairy Research Trust Account for the programme of

research for 1965/66, submitted by the Australian Dairy Produce


• The programme covers the broad fields of farm research

and dairy'manufacturing research and provides funds for dairy


Research projects relating to farm management and dairy

husbandry problems will continue as well as investigation into

diseases associated with dairy cattle.

Mr. Adermann pointed out that the amount allocated for

1965/66 had been substantially increased and will provide funds

for the establishment of additional investigational work on

pastures and dairy cattle nutrition problems in the sub-tropical

areas in Queensland and northern New South Wales. Work being

■carried out at present by research organisations in these areas

gives promise of major developments. It also included funds to

assist in providing a recombining unit at Hawkesbury Agricultural

College to instruct dairy students in the recombining of dairy

products and to investigate the problems associated with quality

control in t h e ,export of dairy products particularly those going

to the south-east Asian markets.

Work on the development of new dairy products will

continue and marketing and distribution research programmes will

also continue to investigate the prospects for increasing ·

consumption of dairy products on the domestic and overseas markets.


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