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Customs tariff 1965 came into operation July 1 1965

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Statement by the Minister for Customs and Excise

(Senator the Honourable Ken Anderson)

The Minister for Customs and Excise, Senator Ken

Anderson, announced today that the Customs Tariff 1965, which

was based on. the Brussels Nomenclature, came into operation

today, 1st July, 1965.

In addition, the Minister stated that he had signed

a second notice for publication in the Commonwealth Gazette

to amend the Tariff where further discrepancies had been

disclosed. These amendments will also operate on and from

1st July, 1965.

A copy of the Gazette Notice will be available tomorrow

for perusal at Customs Houses in all capital cities.

Senator Anderson concluded by saying the changes made

by the Gazette Notice will be introduced into theĀ·Parliament

next August by formal proposal and debated in due course.


1st July, 1965. /