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Exercise 'Carbine' communique

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Navy Public Relations.

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Exercise Carbine. Press Release No.2 from H.M.A.S. MELBOURNE,

Exercise Flagship, 28th August

For the first time in an Australian Maritime Exercise, the

Royal Australian Navy’s new MHunter Killer" helicopters today went

into action against opposing submarines.

Exercise Carbine officially began in the waters of Southern

Queensland this morning when Wessex anti-submarine helicopters set

off in pursuit of two Royal Navy submarinese

The helicopters, operating from H.M.A.S. MELBOURNE, gained

valuable experience in tracking the submarines and in combining

resources with escort ships. .

There was a brief truce at noon today when the submarines

TRUMP and TABARD surfaced near the frigate PARRAMATTA and the

-Destroyer ANZAC to take on fresh supplies of bread. The bread v/as

transferred by boat and will have to last the submarines for the

duration of the exercise. .

The main stage of Exercise Carbine begins this evening when

the R.A.N. fast troop carrier, H.M.A.S. SYDNEY, keeps a

rendezvous with the Naval Task Force which left Sydney on Monday.

H.M.A.S. SYDNEY, which has been embarking troops and equipment

in Brisbane, is to be escorted to Hervey Bay.Queensland.

R.A.A.F. aircraft and the Royal Navy submarines will oppose

the Task Force as it heads for Hervey Bay where the integrated

Force of Australia and New Zealand troops in H.M.A.S. SYDNEY will

consolidate a landing area in support.of operations. .

H.M.A.S. MELBOURNE1s anti-submarine helicopters will assist

the warships in providing an anti-submarine screen for the force,

which includes the New Zealand Cruiser ROYALIST. '

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' The helicopters will fly day and night to carry

out protective sweeps around the convoy. They will be in

the air as soon as the troop carrier joins the force this


Exercise Carbine is the first big test for the

Fleet Air Arm’s front line helicopter squadron and for

H.IvI.A.S. SYDNEY in her new role as troop transport. The

exercise will end when the main force of warships returns

to Sydney next Wednesday.


Released through Navy Office,. Canberra. 28th August, 1963.

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