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Hercules transports bust at week-end

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The mobility of the RAAF1 s Hercules transport aircraft is again

being demonstrated this week, as three giant C.130s take part in the airlift

of troops and equipment to Mew Guinea and Mew Zealand· ' ·

The Minister for Air, Mr David Fairbairn, said today that in

both airlifts the R/'-AF transport aircraft were acting in support of Army

units. . '

During the next fortnight the Hercules would also take part in .

the air movement of heavy earth-moving equipment in new Guinea for the

Department of Civil Aviation.

' Mr Fairbairn said that this week a Hercules transport of the

RAAF, along with a DC6 aircraft of the Royal Mew Zealand Air Force, airlifted

Australian and Mew Zealand troops and equipment to and from both countries

for Exercise Tasman Two. The airlift was made from Amborloy in Queensland

to Harcwood, Mew Zealand, to enable the troops to take part in exchange

training programmes. The troops would be flown back to Australia and Mow

Zealand in about a fortnight's time· ·

Two Hercules have left Richmond, MS?/, for Mow Guinea for an .

operation which will involve the flying of 50 sorties for the Army and the

Department of Civil Aviation. Operating out of Fort Moresby tho Hercules

would fly relief companies of the Pacific Isla.nds Regiment to Vanino

and kewak. Tho operation would involve the movement of about 200 men.

Mr Fairbairn said that tho Hercules would airlift heavy earth-

moving equipment for OCA from Pt Moresby, Lao and Hadang to Goroka, Ht

Hagen and other centres on the Mow Guinea mainland, ' ·