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Export award programme announced

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(Statement by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister

for Trade, Mr. J. McEwen)

. The formation of a Committee to make a series of new

export awards to Australian firms and organisations was

announced today by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for

Trade, Mr. J. McEwen. .

The awards would be presented to firms and organisat­

ions with an outstanding achievement in the export field or with

a long history of achievement in the export field. ·

Mr. McEwen said that at the inaugral meeting of the

Committee in Canberra today it had been decided that applicat­

ions for the first awards would close on October 31 and that

they would be presented at a special ceremony in Canberra on

November 27.

The award winners would receive a pennant which could

be flown over their premises and also used in the advertising

and publicity campaigns of the firms.

Mr. McEwen said that the new awards which were first

suggested by the Export' Development Council would play a

valuable role in promoting export consciousness throughout

Australia. ·

All sections-of Industry and Commerce would be

invited to participate in the programme. Application forms

would be available shortly from the Regional Offices of the

Department of Trade- in the capital cities and the State

Chambers of Manufactures and Commerce. . '

Mr. McEwen said that the Committee to select the

awards would comprise;

The Federal President of A.C.M.A. ·- Mr. T.M. Ramsay;

The Chairman of the Manufacturing

Industries Advisory Council f X Chairman of the Industrial Design - ,

- Sir James Kirby;

Council of Australia - Mr. W.D. Scott; .

The Chairman of the Export Development

. Council ■ - Sir John Allison;

The President of the Associated Chambers

of Commerce of Australia . - Mr. L. Atkinson;

The State. Presidents jof the Chamber of


Canberra, Tuesday August 27th, 1963. 71/63T