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Oceanbed seismic tests to be made

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PRESS STATEMENT — ---------- -- 5 803


Statement "by Senator the Hon· Sir William Spooner, K.C.M.C-., M.M., Minister for National Development,

The Bureau of Mineral Resources of the Department

of National Development, C.S.I.R.O, and the Royal Australian

Navy are to cooperate in a project to help determine the

geological structure of the earth below the Perth Basin in

Western Australia. ' "

Seismic tests are to be made to depths of 20 to

30 miles beneath the Perth Basin, which occupies an area

marginal to the coast in the South-west of Western Australia

from about Sharke Bay to the southern extremity.

A knowledge of the crustal structure at these

depths will be a valuable contribution to the understanding

of the geology of the area.

■ . . The,frigate H.M.A. S- Diamantina between August

20 and August 26 will drop depth charges at selected points

along the South-west coast of Western Australia, on the

continental shelf between Cape Naturaliste and Geraldton.

The seismic waves thus generated will be recorded

on seismographs at the Bureau of Mineral Resources'

Geophysical Observatory at Mundaring and at two out-stations

near Narragin and Grass Valley.

Time and location of each explosion must be known

to. a high degree of accuracy and the travel time of the

waves between the shot point and the seismographs must be .

measurable to one-tenth of a second. ·

Analysis.of the seismic waves transmitted through

the earth will provide data which in conjunction with

existing geological knowledge of the area can be interpreted

in terms of depth·and density of the crustal layers,

CANBERRA. " ' ' , ' '