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Repatriation benefits and the budget

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. Repatriation benefits in the Budget provide increases for T.& P.I.

pensioners, most war widows, and for children of T. & P.I. pensioners

and war widows who are receiving allowances under the Soldiers'

Children Education Scheme who are engaged as fulltime secondary

students or as industrial or agricultural trainees. There are also

increases for a large group of Service pensioners and their families.

Widows of ex-servicemen whose deaths have not been accepted as

due to war service, will, of course, benefit from the substantial

increases in Social Service benefits for widows. The net increase for

these widows with one or more children will be £3 a week.

The new T.& P.I. rate will be £13.15.0 — a rise of 10/- per

week — and there will be a consequential increase in payments to

double amputees under the first six items of the fifth schedule.

lomestic allowance for war widows is to be increased by 7/6 to

£3.10.0 a week. Over 90$ of war widows receive domestic allowance.

The combined amount for war widows' pension.and domestic allowance

will then be £9.5.0 a week.

Education allowances for children between 12 and 18 years at

secondary education and for industrial and agricultural trainees are

to! be increased by 15$.

• For Service pensioners the "members" rate will rise by 10/- to

£5^15.0 for "single pensioners". Pensioners whose husbands or wives

dq not receive a social service or service pension will count as single

persons for the purpose of this increase.

■ Service pensioners with two or more children under the age of 16

years will now receive an addition of 15/- to their pension in respect

to each such child, an increase of 5/- a week on the previous rate. In

addition, these payments will be continued beyond the age of 16 years

for children undergoing fulltime education up to the e n d .of the year in

which the child attains the age of 18 years. In similar circumstances

Service pensions payable to the children themselves will be continued:

while they are undergoing fulltime education.

The estimated total expenditure on Repatriation services this year

will be increased enormously and the figure is estimated to reach more

than £120 million compared with over £107 million last year.

In addition to this a substantial works programme will be under­

taken for an expansion of Repatriation hospital and medical facilities.

Also, a number of minor amendments will be made to the Repatriation

Act to make some adjustments which to the advantage of ex­

servicemen, ex-servicewomen and their dependents, '

These will be announced when the amending legislation is ;

introduced into the Federal Parliament.

Canberra, August 14, 1963.