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Realistic test for 'Subsunk' emergency

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Navy Public Relations.

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' ■ The Royal Australian Navy's emergency rescue ·

organisation was given a realistic test today when a submarine

was reported missing off the New South Wales coast.

A Navy Department spokesman said in Canberra this

afternoon that the "Subsunk" emergency began, shortly before

noon when radio distress calls were picked-up by H.M.A.S.

WATSON in Sydney.

The signals were coming from an indicator buoy

belonging to the British submarine, H.M.S. TRUMP, one of the ■

Royal Navy submarines serving in Australia. TRUMP was known to

be carrying out independent exercises.about twenty-five miles

south of Sydney. Indicator buoys are released by sunken

submarines to call for help and to mark their position.

The Australian flagship, H.M.A.S. MELBOURNE, was

exercising in the area, and immediately headed for the scene.

Her Westland Wessex anti-submarine helicopters began carrying-

out a detailed search. Meanwhile, a minesweeper, H.M.A.S.

CURLEW, which was also off the east coast, joined in the

search, while warships in Sydney Harbour and in.Melbourne

prepared to sail. Two minesweepers from Sydney were already

approaching the Heads when H.M.A.S. MELBOURNE reported that one

of her helicopters had located TRUMP, and that all was well.

The helicopter, piloted by Lieutenant-Commander . -v.-·;* ·· ·

Neil Ralph, sighted the indicator buoy begin towed along the

surface by TRUMP, which was submerged. , . .

The helicopter dropped signal charges to bring

the submarine to the surface. . . · ·



• . The Navy Department spokesman said it was

assumed that the.buoy had accidently broken adrift from the

submarine. It has provided an unscheduled but valuable

exercise for the emergency "subsunk1 1 procedure,


Canberra. 12th August, 1963. '