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Changes in eligibility for repatriation benefits

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PRESS RELEASE: (For release at. 3·00 p.m. August 13» 1963'


The Minister for Repatriation (Mr„ R.W. Swartz) today-

listed a number of changes which have taken place over the past

year and which have broadened eligibility for certain repatriation


Mr, Swartz was addressing the annual Congress of the

New South Wales State R.S.S.A.I.L.A, in Sydney.

He said the most important amendment to the Repatriation

Act in 1962 provided for a uniform commencement date for war pension

and associated benefits.

This conformed with the principle that a claimant whose

claim had succeeded on appeal ought not to find himself in a less

favourable position than he would be if his claim had been allowed

by a Repatriation Board in the first instance.

. · ' The Minister said that it would no longer be necessary for

an eligible ex-serviceman over 70 to submit evidence of health or

undergo a medical examination before being accepted for a service

pension on the ground of being permanently unemployable.

Mr. Swartz said that a funeral benefit of £10., the same

amount as was being paid in respect of Social Service pensioners

would now be paid for member service pensioners where the higher

repatriation funeral benefit was not payable.

' He added that the Repatriation (Special Overseas Service)

Act passed towards the end of 1962 would enable the war pension and

associated benefits of the Repatriation Act to be extended in

appropriate circumstances to Australian Forces serving overseas in

areas where their service- exposed them to special hazards.'

Mr. Swartz praised the anti-Communist campaign that the

R.S.L. had undertaken and said it was helping to bring to the

attention of the Australian people'the subtle ways in which Communist

subversion could operate and its dangers.

The Minister said that Repatriation would expand until

between 1 9 7 5 and 1 9 8 0 . ■ '

He said that Repatriation Department was now the largest

medical organic·!·»fclon Ri bite country and extended over many fields.

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