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Visit of party from Imperial Defence College, London

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Statement "by the Minister for Defence, The Hon. Athol Townley, ----- ' M.P.

The Hon. Athol Townley, Minister for Defence, said that the party from the Imperial Defence College, London, which is visiting Australia as part of their course tour, will arrive at Darwin today.

The party comprises fourteen, a member of the directing Staff of the College as tour leader (Rear-Admiral G.T.S. GRAY). The students comprise British Service and civilian officers (at Brigadier or equivalent level), and an

officer of similar status from Canada, Pakistan, Nigeria and Rhodesia.

Mr. Townley said that the Imperial Defence College provides for the training of selected members of the Armed Forces of the Commonwealth in the "broadcast aspects of policy and strategy. Each European summer, the course divides into a number of groups which visit different areas - Europe, America,

the Far East, Africa and so on. This will "be the first occasion on which a group from the College, to which Australia has sent Service and civilian students for many years, has visited this country. Mr. Townley commented that their visit was most ; welcome to the Australian Defence and Service authorities. ,

The Australian tour has "been designed to give the party a chance to see some of our major development projects, and of our primary and secondary industry. In the course of their visit the group will meet senior Australian Service officers and Government officials, and a wide cross section of the Australian community at the various centres at which they will

"be calling. During their stay in Canberra from August 15 te> 17, the students will have the opportunity of meeting Ministers, Chiefs of Staff and senior officials, and will "be given "briefings on various aspects of Australian national policy.

The outline itinerary of the party is as follows :-August 12 - Arrive Darwin

August 13 - Woomera

August 14 Mildura (to see sheep shearing

in operation and something of the Australian wine industry).

August 15 - 17 — Canberra

August 17 - 18 — Snowy Mountains Scheme

August 18 - 20 — Melbourne

August 20 — Port Kemhla

August 21 to 22 - Sydney

August 23 to 28 — New Zealand

August 28 t* 30 Cairns (to see something of

Australian tropical industry and the cattle industry).

August 30 To Darwin (via Mount Isa) for

departure from Australia on August 31c


August 12, 1963 - P.M.