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Contract let for Brisbane/Cairns microwave

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Contract let for Brisbane/Cairns l-">crowave Radio Relay System

. The Fostmaster-Os-neral (Mr. Davidson) announced today that a contract

had been 1st by his Department to the value of £1,78 million to Standard Tele­

phones and Cables ?ty. Ltd., Australia, for the supply and installation of a

broadband microwave radio relay system between Brisbane and Cairns in northern

Queensland= This is part of a £4 million project to improve the telecommunica­

tion trank line system between these centres. ·

The contract awarded to S.T.C. provides for the company being respon­

sible not only for the supply and installation of the radio equipment but also

for the associated stand-by power plant, antenna support towers and test

equipment for the project which will bring substantial improvement in the tele­

communication facilities in the North.

The radio equipment, itself, will be manufactured in Japan by the

hiupon Electric Company, a business associate of S.T.C, Provision has been made

for the maximum practicable Australian content in the manufacture of other

components for the project. The antenna towers will he manufactured in Australia

by Tlectric Power Transmission P t y . Ltd., of Sydney, while the power

plant will be manufactured by McColl Tlectric Company of Melbourne, Installation

of all this plant will be carried out by S.T.C. and its associate local

contractors. The value of the equipment manufactured in Japan will he £1 .24 million

The Postmaster-General's Department, in conjunction with the Department

of 'dorks, is arranging, separately, the provision of access roads, buildings and

commercial power supply requirements. Tenders will he called progressively over

the next few months for the erection of the thirty buildings required to house

relaying equipment.

The new system will increase greatly the telephone and telegraph

facilities along Queensland's northern coast.. It will improve the quality of

the service and will obviate the substantial interruptions, which have occurred

in the past, during.cyclonic disturbances, .

" The Minister went on to say that the project should facilitate also

the further development of the North. It will provide a large capacity trunk

system which could he readily extended to meet future communication needs in

Queensland. ' . . . .

It will provide the relays for the television programmes to the five

National stations which are to be established in Jide Bay, Rockhampton, Mackay,

Townsville and Cairns regions, as part of the Government's television extension

programme over the next few years. . ·

■ The project is part of the planned development of Australia's inland

communications. It.will also establish a key link in the Commonwealth round-the-

world submarine cable system under construction by a partnership of British


The landfall of the proposed South East Asian portion of the cable

system will be Cairns and the Partner Governments will make use of the inland

communication facilities between Cairns and Sydney, the terminal for the Pacific

Section of the Commonwealth project (COMPAC),

In conclusion, Mr, Davidson said that when the Brisbane/Cairns link

comes into service, in 1966, trunk facilities from Cairns right through to

Adelaide will be provided over one of the most modern large capacity communica­

tion systems in the world. .

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