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Trade Minister leaves for Japan

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- EMBARGO; Not to bo published or

broadcast before 11 a.m. Tuesday

30th July, 1963. ' ■



(Statement by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister

for Trade, the R t . Hon. John McEvven)

The Minister for Trade, Mr. J. McEwen, who left

Sydney by air today for a week-long visit to Japan, said on his

departure that he hoped he would be able to complete negotiations

for the review of the Australia/Japan Trade Agreement.

Mr. McEwen said that officials had been negotiating

for some months and had reached agreement on most matters set-down

for negotiation.

However, some important questions on the trade

between the two countries remained to be decided and he would

discuss these with Japanese Ministers during his visit.

. Mr. McEwen said he would meet and have general '

discussions with the Japanese Prime Minister and- other senior

Ministers of the recently announced new Japanese Cabinet.

He hoped and confidently expected that the new

Trade Agreement would be signed before he left Japan..

The existing Trade Agreement which was signed . · '

in 1957 had done much to increase the trade and improve trading

relations between the two countries. On the other hand, he

pointed out, the success of the present Agreement lay as much in

the spirit of its observance by both countries as in the

document itself. There had been an unparalleled growth in trade

both ways between the two countries, and this had been

accomplished without the problems and friction that had

characterised the trade between Japan and some other countries.

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Mr. McEvven stated.that he would take the

opportunity of his present visit to Japan to talk w it h

Government and commercial ..interests to ensure that these good

re lat io ns -we re continued.

Mr. McEwen, who was accompanied by" Mr. A . T .

C a r m o d y , Deputy Secretary of the Department of Trade, is

expected to.,leave Japan f o r A us tralia on the 7 th August,.

Sydney_,__30th... July ,....1963. 67/63T