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$250,000 beef research institute for Brisbane

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Statement "by the Minister for Primary Industry, The Hon. C.F. Adermann

The Minister for Primary Industry, Mr. C.F. Adermann,

announced today, that following a recommendation from the

Australian Cattle and Beef Research Committee, he had

approved the provision of funds from the Australian Cattle and Beef Trust Account for the establishment of a beef

research institute in Brisbane.

Mr. Adermann said, "Finance for the building and

operation of the institute will be provided from capital

grants of £26,000 and £50,000 from C.S.I.R.O* and the

Australian Cattle and Beef Trust Account.

"The institute will accommodate a staff of about 54 people, and preliminary estimates indicate that it is likely

to cost about £250,000 to build. ■


Proposed research at the institute will cover many

aspects of meat chemistry and physiology, meat technology, microbiology, physics and engineering aspects of meat storage

and transport facilities, muscle biochemistry and physical chemistry in relation to freezing and thawing.

"The institute will provide comprehensive and much

needed facilities for additional research into problems which

face the beef industry in these fields." '

Mr. Adermann emphasised the importance to Australia

of research in this industry. The beef industry, with an

annual production value of approximately £200 million and

total export earnings of about £100 million, ranks third

among Australia’s rural export industries.


July 28, 1963 - P.M.