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Expansion in W.R.A.N.S. training

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Navy Public Relations 148 ' Z730)



The increasingly important role of the W.R.A.N.S.

in the shore support of the Royal Australian Navy is

reflected in the start of a series of training courses in ■

Sydney this week. '

The W.R.A.N.S. training has been extended from

Victoria to New South Wales to cope with a bigger intake· of

girls into the Women's Royal Australian Naval Servi.ce,

. · . . . The Minister for the Navy, Senator Gorton, .said,

today that .twenty-two new members of the W.R..A.N...S,, had · ·

started specialist courses in Sydney this week..,·. It· was the.

first time that regular training courses of this size for

Wrans.. had been held in Sydney, .

He said, it had been necessary' to expand training

to- Sydney to- prepare for a new commitment for the Wr.ans

later this year.

In a.few months' time, Wrans are to take over · ■

duties at .a Naval Air Station for the "first time, Sixty-eight

Wrans will.become radio operators, motor transport' drivers,

radar plotters, cooks, stewards, and. writ ere at the Naval Air

Station at Nowra, N.S.W. They will release sailors for duty

at- sea,

. Under the expanded training scheme., .up to thirty-five Wrans will be undertaking specialist courses in.· Sydney,

They will go to Sydney after completing their basic recruit

training at H.M.A.S. CERBERUS in Victoria.

* * * * * * *

Canberra. 26 July, 1963.