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Text of address given by Prime Minister at the opening of the Warrnambool Institute of Advanced Education

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It gives me great pleasure to open the first academic building on the Sherwood Park campus of W.I.A.E.

The building and its extensions will house virtually the whole college complex - its library, student facilities, its lecture theatre and lecture rooms and staff administration offices.

The Liberal National Country Party Coalition supports the decentralised provision of post secondary education.

Country students should not be compelled areas to get a post secondary education. to move to metropolitan

A balance must be maintained between metropolitan and country education. Educational opportunities should be open to all people.

We must also ensure a rational and coordinated use educational resources. of our

rep-innE " t ? S made.|lgnif:Leant'contributions to the south western egion. It now offers not only degree and diploma courses but opportunities to part time and external studencs employed in the region.

W.I.A.E. has developed considerably in the past few years.

T0tfi-,?nr?lniirnts have climbed from 170 in 1970 to 837 in 1976 In 1977, it is estimated enrolments will rise to 955. "

mniio, 1977 - recommendation - $2.054 million. ■

^his is an increase of about 7% which is higher than the 54 increase for institutes of advanced education. average

^ ^ 7 6 the capital funds allocated to the institute, were '" The Commission1 s recommendation for 1977-79 is $2.575 million.

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This capital programme in particular is evidence of the support for the continued development of W.I.A.E. .

The Commission's financial recommendations for W.I.A.E. should ■ be considered by Cabinet in the next few weeks.

The Government also has before it a report from officials on the tertiary education assistance schemes.

As the Treasurer announced in the budget speech, the Government's decisions on T.E.A.S. xvill be announced, in October and implemented from the beginning of the 1977 academic year.

I should note in passing that it was the Labor Government which set the allowances whiph have been operating through this year.

The Institutes of Advanced Education have a great contribution to make to the future o f : Australian society.

Our society is inevitably one of change - sometimes very rapid change. Technology is developing rapidly. We are able to utilise the power of science most effectively.

Concepts of education are .changing. There is a vigorous debate on the purpose of education and its appropriate function in our society.

Our educational system must adapt to the needs of people for job mobility, for retraining. It must be appropriate to the ·

needs of people in the exhilarating new age we are entering.

As evidence of the importance xve place on education, in the recent budget education was one of the very fexv areas to receive a real increase in funds. We also restored triennial funding.

T h e Government is also, however, acutely aware that there is a widespread concern about the functioning of our schools and post secondary institutions.

We have taken the view that an examination of education is now required. Accordingly, the Government has decided to establish the most important inquiry into post-secondary education since the Martin Inquiry over a decade ago.

Having particular regard to current circumstances, this inquiry will also examine the broader issue of the relationship between education and employment..

Education needs to equip a person for a satisfying and rewarding life. One fact of the greatest importance in achieving this objective is satisfying and rexvarding work.

This Inquiry will provide a perspective on educational planning up to the year 2000.

The Committee of Inquiry is being directed to have particular ' regard for the Government's objectives of: widening educational opportunity; expanding educational and occupational choice; developing quality and excellence in all spheres of education and

encouraging community participation in education and training matters.

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Education is not only concerned with imparting technical skills. It needs also to impart a quality of judgement. The great challenge to educators - is to combine the teaching of skills with that broader understanding. .

The development of Australia will depend greatly on the quality of our educational system and the values our educators impart.

Unless our educational institutions teach tolerance, a sense of personal responsibility, a respect for others and for their freedoms, and above all a maturity of judgement and rejection of dogmatism, it is certain, that the great ideal of a socity based

on freedom and. human dignity will remain finally beyond our reach

Education, and the appropriate pattern of the educational system, will, whatever our views, be one of the major issues facing the Australian people f o r .the foreseeable future.

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