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Australia Day

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EMBARGOED:' 0005 26 January



FOR PRESS January 25/ 1976


For 188 years, Australians - first the convicts, the pioneers,

settlers and their descendants and now the migrants of the

Post War years - have used their ability and their enterprise

to create a nation with vast potentialities. .

Today Australians celebrate the anniversary of first settlement

amidst national and international challenges.

Australia's inflation and unemployment rates, although abating,

still remain high.

The Government has taken actions in the economic field to

lay the grounds for economic recovery and for an upturn in

business expansion.

Processes for reviewing Government expenditure have been

initiated. These will bring under control the extravagance

of the past three years and make for a more effective and

economical public sector.

Steps have also been taken to stimulate consumer spending .

to encourage economic recovery and business investment. The ■

means we have chosen are designed to lay the foundations for

real recovery.

I again pledge my Government to work for the well-being of all


We are one people and one nation. " -

. . ./2

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- 2 - -

’ . . . ^ '

Our over-riding commitment is to the value and dignity of each

individual and to ensuring that they have the opportunity to

'develop their talents and their capacities.

The decisions of the Government will be taken with this as the

prime objective. .

I must also say that the solution of our present difficulties

will not be easy.

It will take hard work and commitment. It will take dedication.

It will require a recognition that our most important interests are

the ones we all share in common. .

It will also require the recognition that our material resources

are limited, that the more resources governments take the less

people are. able to choose for themselves the way in which they .

will live their own lives.

Australia was not built by its governments acting alone. Australia

grew out of a sense of the idealism of its people and out of the

combined efforts of people and government. The community must

play its part in Australia's recovery and development.

Australia has unparalleled advantages. We have' a highly

skilled and educated population, vast natural resources and

responsive political institutions.

These advantages hold out the promise of restored prosperity

in a vigorous and growing nation.

We can have economic stability and progress, industrial harmony,

ensure the security and well being of the disadvantaged, and the

maximum freedom of individual citizens to make their own decisions

about their own lives.


- 3-


These things can only be achieved, if, as a people, we recognise

national interests and national objectives and work together.

we will fail if individuals or groups selfishly pursue their

own ends at the expense of Australia. ·

The Government, will seek to work with all Australians and

asks that individuals and organisations also recognise their

obligation to the national well-being.

: V ·