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Don't bring back the L-NCP circus - Daly

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Statement by the elected Minister for Administrative Services,

Mr. Fred Daly. .


Only people who had lost their memory could be prepared to vote the Liberal multinational country party back into office according to the elected Minister for Administrative Services, Mr. Fred Daly, said today in Ballarat.

He said three failed Liberal leaders - Messrs. McMahon, Gorton and Snedden - had danced to the tune of the Country Party and its multinational friends.

Now Mr. Malcolm Fraser was following the same path at the dictates of the same Country Party czar, Mr. Doug Anthony, whose most treasured friends . were big oil interests.

Mr. Daly was replying to a statement to the press in which Mr. Anthony said: "It has cone through to me loud and clear everywhere I go in this campaign that people want men who can run a country, not a circus. .

"They want men and women in government who are more careful, more responsible"

Mr. Daly said "Mr. Anthony1 s renarks should be heeded by anybody who could remember as far back as the early 1970's.

"After 20 years experience in government, the coalition had a three-year term from 1969 to 1972 which fits Mr. Anthony's description like a glove',1 Mr. Daly said.

"In that time the LCP Government had two Prime Ministers, Gorton and McMahon, two Deputy Prime Ministers, McEwen and Anthony, two treasurers, Bury and Snedden, and a total of 23 Ministerial changeovers."

"The .changes to the L- CP Ministry averaged one or two a week for part of this period."

"Unlike Mr. Anthony I believe they did run a circus."

"It should be obvious to all voters that we do not want them back."

"Mr. Anthony says the days of political daredevils running Australia need to be put behind us, and for once he is right. We certainly cannot afford to lapse back to the Canberra circus that ran the country like a broken watch in the early 70's."

Ballarat 3 De cember 1975.