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The Family of the Nation Rally committe

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The Family of the Nation Rally in the Sydney Opera House

commenced with the following messages:

'In the continuing battle for truth, humanity and

justice, those who take part in it must be ready to

place themselves at risk.

Al Grassby is one who has dared greatly and suffered

for it. It is a setback but not a defeat.

Australia needs Al Grassby.

For Al Grassby and the cause he represents, the 18th of May was not even an interruption, rather a new beginning ' . · . 'v 0 '

Gough Whitlam


Ί have the honour to represent one of the most broadly

constituted national groupings of any electorate in Australia and the results obtained indicate progressive,

spontaneous support for Labor's policies, particularly

those relating to immigration.

The campaign conducted in Riverina against the Government1

immigration policy and its outstanding spokesman and

exponent,Al Grassby is one of the blackest and most

retrograde incidents in Australian : political history.

The mass reaction in of the Australian

people vindicates my personal confidence in him and

the ceftainty- of his return to Federal Parliament and

Ministerial ranks.

Please convey my fraternal greetings and good wishes to

our fellow.:Australians,both new and old,who have joined

together to advance the Australian nation and its people.'

Rex Connor