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Transcript of Alexander Downer MP Chateau Hotel, Potts Point, Sydney 9.30AM

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I L L :

16 Dec 94 9 : 2 0 No . 0 0 3 P . 0 1 h

Leader of the Opposition &

16 December 1994 MC/ST


E & OE

TOPICS: Federal Executive Meeting, tax increases, interest rate rises, Sydney airport, mini budget. Federal Election

Journalist: (inaudible) wouldn't be targeting welfare. What will you be targeting in the n e x t....

Downer: Well you can wail and see when we release our policies what we'll do in terms of taxes and spending and so on. You'll just have to be patient about that.

Our meeting today is going to focus on our campaign for the next Federal Election. Our campaign will revolve around a community revolt against tax increases and interest rate rises.

We'll be focusing today on ways of putting our campaign together to harness a community revolt against tax rises and interest rate increases.

Journalist: Will you be discussing Commonwealth Departments and the issue of duplication?

Downer: Not today, no.

Journalist: You'll be discussing that with Premiers?

Downer: This is the Federal Executive. Well the Premiers arc doing some work on that sort of thing. We'll let you know about that in the. lead up to the election.

Journalist: The blockade tomorrow, are you in support of the airport blockade?

Downer: Well I'm not in support of people behaving illegally. People must operate within the law, but Keating is responsible for the disaster of Sydney airport. The Government should re-open the east-west runway and the Government should enter into extensive consultations with the people of Sydney. The fact is that the people of Sydney

have been duped by Keating and Brereion and the Federal Labor Government. The Federal Labor Government will pay a very heavy price for the damage it's done to the welfare of the people of Sydney over the third runway and Sydney airport generally,

Journalist: Do you think the Labor Parly has to go for a mini budget next year?

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TEL : 16 Dec 94 9: 21 No.004 P .01



Downer: We have called on the Federal Government to have a mini budget months a^o. They said they wouldn't have a mini budget. They said there was no need for a mini budget. Now they're saying, oh they might have a mini budget. 1 would say all they really want to do is increase taxes as well as move interest rates up further. We're going

to see interest rates going up quite a lot further than they've gone up already. We're not at the end of the interest rate rises and we're at the beginning of the tax increases and if they have a mini budget, and they may very well have one, all they'll want to do is increase taxes.

Journalist: Do you think- it also means that there won't be a Federal Election for some time yet?

Downer: You'll have to ask Mr Keating when the Federal Election is going to be. That's for him not for me, but we'il be ready whenever it is.