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Democrats: Greens must work together

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PR 89/285 CANBERRA June 13, 1989


In trying to split the conservation vote at the next Federal election, Senator Richardson is building on the track record he established in his A.L.P. home ground of the NSW Right.

Commenting on Senator Richardson’s undermining statements which began last week, Democrat Senator and long time ACF Councillor, Dr John Coulter, said today that Richardson’s tactics are quite clear. "If he can fracture the conservation vote by playing off the greens

against the Democrats he can relieve the pressure on the A.L.P. to make good on their conservation promises."

"The fact remains that in all major environmental moves such as the Franklin Dam and the Daintree Rainforest , the Hawke Government has responded to the pressure of the conservation movement and, most importantly in Senator Richardson’s terms, to the political dangers

of losing votes to the Democrats, who have put the issues on the parliamentary agenda in the first place."

"It is also a matter of record in the Senate that the A.L.P. does a deal with the Liberal /National Parties and against the Democrats whenever they think they can get away with it."

"As recently as last week this unholy alliance defeated a Democrat initiative to remove the 20% sales tax off recycled paper. A few months earlier the same alliance combined to prevent the passage of my Ozone legislation, thus giving us instead the Government’s sham

legislation which bows to the pressure of the CFG industry. Such moves demonstrate their lack of real commitment to the


"I can’t imagine that the conservation movement will succumb to Senator Richardson’s blandishments."

"To achieve a conserver society and a sustainable economy will require close co-operation of all ‘green’ organisations and parties. All those who have a commitment to the environment must recognise the pragmatism of the Labor and Coalition parties and will give them their last preferences when they vote," Senator Coulter concluded.

Further information; John Coulter 062-773645