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New guide to assess veterans’ disability pensions tabled

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B ^Se9teU m e W S M inister for Veterans' A ffairs 8f i9 September " , - - - - - - - - - - - - - - g-gy^-g NEW GUIDE TO ASSESS VETERANS’ DISABILITY PENSIONS TABLED

A new edition of the Guide to Assessment of Rates of Veterans’ Pensions was tabled in Federal Parliament today b y . the Minister for Veterans Affairs, Ben Humphreys.

"The Guide is used to assess the degree of a veteran's incapacity for disability pension purposes, and as such is important to the ex­ service community," Mr Humphreys said.

"This second edition of the Guide is an improvement on the first, which was introduced in May 1986 when the Veterans' Entitlements Act was enacted."

"When the old Guide was released, it was the first time that veterans had access to a document which clearly set out the ways in which authorities evaluated a veteran's war or defence-caused disability.

"However, the Repatriation Commission reviewed the Guide with help from ex-service organisations, and the Veterans' Entitlements Act M onitoring Committee examined its operations

"The Guide tabled today addresses the issues of major concern which were raised.

"Veterans and Local Medical Officers will find the Guide comprehensive and easy to understand, and it will provide more- consistent assessment of incapacity."

Mr Humphreys said veterans should be assured that assessments made according to the first Guide would not be reduced through application of the new publication.

"The only ways in which a pension can be reduced are if the previous assessment was based on a false statement or misrepresentation, or if there is clear evidence that a veteran's incapacity has decreased."

Operations of the Guide, which start on 1 December, will be also be m onitored. **** For further information contact Mary Vernon (062) 89 6562.


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