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Commercial FM radio coming to Mackay

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J/K.W'JU Jv. A U S T R A L I A . t i- Minister for Transport and Communications Senator Gareth Evans Q.C. C'y>'O· v/v.LTH PARLIAi/iEh

1 July 1988



Mackay can look forward to receiving an independent commercial FM

radio service by mid 1990, following the release today of draft

service area and technical specifications for the n e w service.

I will formally invite applications for the licence in A u g u s t .

Groups interested in applying for the licence have until mid July

in which to comment on the draft information (attached).

I have reached the prima facie view that Mackay - a significant

market of some 87,000 people - is capable of supporting an

additional competing commercial radio service.

The introduction of a new market player is in line with the

Government's commitment to supporting competition in the

broadcasting industry wherever possible, and should create a

dynamic radio environment which can only be to the benefit of

Mackay listeners. .

Mackay has therefore been classified, in terms of the categories

identified by m y predecessor, Mr Duffy, in his statement of 24

February 1987, as a Group A market: this means that the Minister

dismisses any supplementary licence applications -and invites new

licence applications, following which the Australian Broadcasting

Tribunal holds a new licence inguiry. In a Group B market, by

contrast, the ABT would conduct a simultaneous inquiry into

whether an independent or a supplementary licence should be



However I should make it absolutely clear that the ABT will still

make the final decision on the nature of the licence. It is

quite open to the Tribunal, as an independent body, to make a

decision about the market which does not accord with m y prima

facie judgement. This would mean, in the case of Mackay, that in

the event that the ABT decided that a new, independent service

would not prove commercially viable, the question of

supplementary licences for the existing operator would then be


The new commercial FM station in Mackay is part of the

Government's overall plan to extend commercial FM radio services

to more than 4.2 million Australians outside mainland State

capitals by 1992.

Comments on the draft service area and technical specifications

from persons interested in applying for a n e w licence in Mackay

should be provided to Mr D McLennan, Assistant Secretary, Station

Planning Branch, Department of Transport and Communications, GPO

Box 594, Canberra, ACT 2601 by c.o.b. 15 July 1988.

* * * * *


Further informations

Ministerial - Brian Hill/Mick Trimmer - (062) 73 1245

Departmental - David Coombe - (062) 68 7294


"The area served in pursuance of the licence, in terms of areas

defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics at the Census of 30 June 1986 shall be the Local Government Areas of Mackay, Mirani, Nebo, Pioneer, Proserpine and Sarina, and; Collection District numbers 031901, 031902, 031903, 031904, 031909, and

031910 within the Local Government Area of Broadsound w i t h i n the State of Queensland."



Transmitter Site:-*

Location Mt Blackwood

Map Publisher Series/Scale Sheet Number Title Australian Map

Grid Reference

: Division of National Mapping : R631/1:100,000 : 8655 (Edition 1) : Mirani

: Zone Easting Northing

55 7018XX 76729XX

Geographic Co-ordinates

Site Height

21°02'S 1 4 8 e5 6 i Έ

(accurate to nearest half-minute) 590m AHD

Technical Characteristics:-

Band Mode Carrier Frequency Polarisation Height of Antenna


: FM : 100.3MHz : Mixed

(1): 44m

Radiation Pattern (2):

Bearing or Sector (Clockwise direction) ERP Limits Beam Tilt Null Fill

0*T- 9 5 eT 20kW +3dB,-3dB 0.8* Not required

95 eT-175 ®T 50kW +3dB,-3dB 0.8* Not required

175 *T-280*T 20kW +3dB,-3dB 0.8* Not required

280*T- 0*T 50kW +3dB,-3dB 0.8* Not required

332 *T 50kW +3dB,-0dB 0.8* Not required


1. Minimum height above ground to electrical centre of antenna.

2. The pattern shall substantially comply w ith these limits. However, the detailed pattern of the antenna and transmitter power shall be subject to the approval of the Minister.

The specified limits apply to both the vertical and the horizontal planes of polarisation separately.

3. Final specification will be subject to detailed planning conducted in conjunction with the proposal from the successful applicant.


$ L < i'J ο


Service Area for Proposed Commercial VHF-EM Service MACKAY OLD