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Minister's concerns on sexism inconsistent: Vanstone

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The Shadow Minister for the Status of Women and the ACT, Senator Amanda Vanstone, today attacked the Minister assisting the Prime Minister on the Status of Women for taking up sexism in advertising nationally while remaining silent on obscene video material in the ACT.

"The Minister cannot reconcile her attitude to the proliferation of X-rated material in the ACT with her programme to attack sexism in commercial advertising.

"She tolerates the free availability in the Territory of material which is infinitely more offensive than anything to be found in newspapers and magazines.

"For example, the video "Programme 355" is a composite of 3 films entitled "Bill's Big Banana", "Shafted by Four" and a third obscene title.

"It depicts fellatio, anal sex and group sex.

"Another, called "Jack'n Jill", describes its contents as follows: "See Jack go up more than just the hill, and see Jill take it all like a good little girl".

"The Minister today failed to answer a question in the Senate seeking the reasons for the Government's failure to adopt a consistent approach to these issues.

"The government seems to prefer to make a token tilt at sexism in advertising than to tackle the difficult issue of hard-core pornography - and the nationwide mail order industry it has spawned - in Canberra.

Attached are copies of the covers of the videos concerned, together with the question asked in the Senate.

26 May, 1988.

Contact: Sen. Vanstone (062) 72 6756


I refer the Minister to the programme designed to restrict the use of sex stereotyping of women in advertising.

Does the Minister agree that the advertisement which depicts a baker's dozen of macho militia men leering at a scantily, red-lingerie clad female model is in a category which the government believes women regard as offensive?

Is a video such as "Jack'n Jill", which bears on its cover the words, "See Jack go up more than just the hill, and see Jill take it all like a good little girl" also offensive to women?

Is the video "Programme 355" which is a composite of 3 films entitled (a) "Bill's Big Banana" (b) Shafted by Foura and a third title which is better not mentioned in this place also offensive to women?

Is the availability of material depicting fellatio, anal sex and group sex a matter of concern to the Minister and to the Office of the Status of Women?

By failing to advise the government to ban such material in the ACT and yet moving against sex-sterotyping of women in advertising, is the Minister not starting at the wrong end of the sexism spectrum?

When will she so advise the Government?

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See the stunning Samantha Fox in the role that won her an EROTICA AWARD! See Jack go up more than just the hill, and see Jill take it all like a'good little girl.

See Bridgette and Brenda kidnap Jack and punish him with pleasure, while Juicy Lucy loses her juice and Jill cops a real surprise in the end!


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