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Opposition calls on Government to act on land sales

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The Federal Opposition has strongly endorsed the general thrust of the Housing Industry Association's submission to the Federal Government on the sale of government land saying if adopted it would help put housing within the reach of more low income

families. The Opposition has called for the establishment of a working group including the housing industry and State Governments to put the strategy into effect.

Shadow Minister for Housing, Alexander Downer, said today that the shortage of land supply in Sydney in particular was an important cause of rising house prices and that the Commonwealth was sitting on several parcels of land which were underutilised

in Sydney and most of Australia's other capital cities.

"For nearly two years the Federal Government has talked about its plans to sell underutilised land and appears to be stunned into inertia: their rhetoric is grand but their has been no action", Mr Downer said.

"The Opposition believes the Government should immediately establish a joint working group with the appropriate State Governments and the key housing industry bodies to develop an effective land sales strategy.”

"Not only would these land sales help keep housing inflation under control, they would also provide the Commonwealth with a useful one-off capital contribution to reducing its indebtedness ", Mr Downer said.

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