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Timed calls the first step to de-regulation

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Businesses will pay 20* more and domestic users 10* more if timed calls are introduced according to John Moore, Opposition Spokesman for Business and Consumer Affairs.

"Residential users may soften the price rises by taking advantage of off-peak discount rates. Business does not have that luxury.

Mr. Moore said he had gained the figures from Telecom's $1 Million advertising campaign which quotes "illustrative examples". -

"Timed calls are a back-door method of squeezing more revenue from the business sector and ordinary Australians who are already overburdened by excessive taxes and charges.

"The Government promised only last week they would investigate the myriad of non-tax government charges strangling Australian business.

"A clear retreat from the timed calls scheme would be the best place to begin.

"Such a retreat, however, would doom whatever unsavoury arrangements the Prime Minister has made with Telecom over the inevitable de-regulation of the telecommunications Industry.

Mr. Moore said it appeared that timed calls were designed to make up for revenue lost as a result of partial de-regulation to be announced in March.

"As usual, the Hawke Government has put their political wheeling and dealing first and the well-being of Australian consumers last.

1 February, 1988

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