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Why does Mr Hawke fund Mr Mansell

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Media criticised for Hawke-Maftaall portrayal

The Prime Minister claimed yesterday that Mr Mansell

'disserves and abuses' the Aboriginal people but did so within only 24 hours of his Government's restoration of direct funding to Mr Mansell, the Opposition claimed today.

"it is no good Mr Hawke providing a media image of a tough stand against radicals like Mansell while he providee substantial public funding for them at the same time," Alaedair Webster, acting Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, said.

nMr Hawke's TV performance in Hobart was a stunt and appears to be a clear ease of double standards.

"And the frustrating thing about his performance was the way the media fell for it and portrayed him as a critic of

Mansell instead of as his patron.

"Mr Hawke choreographs his political theatre and the media obligingly portrays his imagery that night or the next day.

"The reality is that the Government, not Libya, subsidises Mr Mansell's activities and those of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre and provides them with the very organisation funding they are relying on to disrupt the Bicentennial.

"The significance of the funding for Mr Mansell lies in the fact that it provides profile and organisational advantage for radical Aborigines/ such as himself, over moderates.

"The consequences will be seen when such groups as the TAC stack the regional and zone councils of the proposed

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander commission when it is set up in July."

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