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Tourist industry affliction - parochialism

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The tourist industry in Australia is suffering from a debilitating disease which must be cured if this great and -growing industry is to reach its full potential, Peter White, the Shadow Minister for Sport, Recreation and Tourism, said today.

The disease is known as parochialism or local jealousy. It is not a fatal disease but it prevents the patient from achieving an energetic and satisfying life.

Component parts of the tourist industry must realise that they have to pull together to achieve the best results. This is no criticism of competitive attitudes within the industry. Quite the reverse. But competition and co-operation must go hand in hand.

Individual operators must help eachother, and more importantly they must support their regional tourist bureaus. Regional bureaus must work and market their areas together.

Tourists want to see a whole area with different tourist attractions - in just a single attraction. Towns in a particular area must band together. Local authorities must stop bickering and realise the benefits available to their areas by the tourist

trade. States must work more closely with eachother and with the Federal Government.

The industry must realise that what is good for the Barrier Reef is good for Sydney, Hobart and the Northern Territory. Tourism is an inter-locking industry and cohesidn is vital if everyone is to benefit.

In recent years the industry has come a long way in pulling itself together but there is still a long way to go. Greater realisation of the benefits of co-operation is reguired.

Tourism is Australia's largest industry and growing substantially. In addition it gives us our best chance of reducing unemployment.

The biggest problem is that there are still too many narrow . parochial attitudes which are holding the industry back.

Governments can do so much but in the end it is the components of an industry which must take that industry forward.

26 OCTOBER 1985

Contact: Peter White 079/396193.