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Accord mark two, frightening long-term implications

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The Accord mark two had frightening long-term implications for Australia's export industries, the Leader of the National Party Ian Sinclair, said today.

"Labor's ACTU bosses have locked the nation into a continuing cycle of wage rises we cannot afford," Mr Sinclair said. ;-

"The Government has been forced to drop its budget promise to discount the next wage rise for the effects of depreciation.

"It has been forced to accept an arbitrary two per cent for discounting in the April wage case - when it knows the real cost could well be higher.

"And it has slipped the unions a superannuation sweetener without the need for them to fight an essentially fraudulent case on productivity."

Mr Sinclair said the Accord mark two locked Australia into full wage indexation, rising inflation, falling international competitiveness and a weaker job outlook.

"The big losers will be our export industries - and especially farmers," he added.

"The Accord mark two ensures rising real levels of costs at a time when the rural sector is already groaning under a heavy cost burden.

"It does nothing to ease pressure on interest rates, now running at record levels in real terms and severely damaging to farmers.

"The Government;

"It has thumbed its nose at farmers and all exporters to stitch together a deal with the unions that the nation cannot

afford," Mr Sinclair said.

CAIRNS 5 September, 1985