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Government employees a chance to buy into their own organisation

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Acting Opposition Leader, Ian Sinclair today predicted that the Liberal and National Parties’ privatisation policy would be a major plus for the next election.

He said in Cairns that the policy would give government employees a chance to buy into their own organisations.

Mr Sinclair said that employees needed incentive to reach peak efficiencies and privatisation would give them that opportunity.

However, he said that there would be no 'mad rush’ into privatisation. j

"We will first consider carefully the impact on essential services - particularly on rural people", he said.

Each statutory authority would be examined to see if part or all could be sold to the private sector. Taxation must be reduced and this would be possible only if government spending was also reduced.

"A greater percentage of Australia's population is employed in the public sector than in any other country in the Western world," Mr Sinclair said.

"Under our scheme taxpayers would get a better deal, government employees would get a chance to buy into their own organisations and all Australians would be better off."

Mr Sinclair said that Mr Hawke's near hysterical antiĀ­ privatisation performance in Melbourne on Sunday showed that he had no idea or plan to reduce government spending.

"It was such a performance that it makes him more like Max Gillies every day", Mr Sinclair added.

Cairns, 22 July 1985.