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Media release by the Leader of the National Party, Ian Sinclair

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National Party Leader, Ian Sinclair, today said that the ACTU

blockade of Queensland would drive wide public support to the

Bj elke-Petersen Government.

He told a National Party Central Council meeting in Sydney that

the ACTU was out of step with public opinion in this dispute.

"The feeling in Queensland, and throughout the rest of Australia,

is that for far too long the union movement has laid down:the

terms and conditions of government of this country,"

Mr Sinclair said.

"Governments have not been strong enough with the unions. The

people want‘strong governments.

"The Australian public is fed up with the intransigence of the

union leaders who are trying to blackmail the community in all

sorts of ways.

"Sir Joh has taken strong action against the unions and he is

being supported by the vast majority of Queenslanders.

"The ACTU blockade will drive more people to the Bj elke-Petersen


Λ· . ' .

"He has m o v e d to make sure that es se nt ia l s er vices like

electricity; will be s up pl ied to the Q u e e n s l a n d p ub l i c and for

that I give h i m full marks."

Mr S i n c l a i r ;said that the Federal Labor G ov er n m e n t w o u l d be m a k i n g

a m a jo r m i st ak e if it sup po rt ed the u n i o n b l o c k a d e .

" -

"It is a silly action and it w o u l d be even sill ie r for the H aw ke

Go ve r nm en t to give it any support," he said.


12TH A P RI L 1985