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Transcript of press conference - Sydney

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JOURNALIST: What do you see for the Federal. Government .... the South Australia election ....,?

PM: A message, I mean that's after all what the Liberals said, They wanted the people of South Australia to give us a message and we have received the message and I hope that everyone else has. It means now that not since 1980 in mainland Australia have the Liberal Party won an

election - federal and state. The people of Australia are increasingly repudiating the Liberal Party; It is no accident they can't win elections, they are irrelevant to the real needs and aspirations of the Australian people. South Australia has told the country - told us - that they approve of the constructive achievement oriented governments that Labor is providing at the state and federal level. And there is a message of approval of our policies and I believe there is a message for the Olsens and the Howards and the Liberal Party that they have got to stop insulting

the intelligence of the Australian electorate and start trying to get policies together. As I have said in the Parliament, the Liberal Party is without principles, it's without policies, it's without leadership.

JOURNALIST: Do you expect there to be a move against Howard?

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PM: You put it in the future tense. They were already there before the election. They may now be accelerated.

JOURNALIST: When du you expect

PM: Look, it is not for me - I occupy my time fully in the governance of this country. I leave it to the faction ridden Liberal Party to work out there own problems.

JOURNALIST: Mr Hawke, interest rates were a major factor. Has this increased your confidence about maintaining the tightness on monetary policy?

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PM: We didn’t need the result of the South Australian election to tell us what is the appropriate stance of economic policy. But let me say this Milton, that I am pleased that it is an indication that the Australian electorate is sophisticated. They look at economic policy not Just on one

strand and say yes, interest rates are high at the moment. They are, and nobody J suppose, except lenders likes that. But they appreciate that our

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economic policy stance comprehends fiscal policy» it comprehends wages policy and in the circumstances of some pressures on the Australian dollar. The Australian people have understood and appreciated that tight monetary policy has been appropriate. It is a recognition that the

Australian electorate is much more sophisticated than the fear mongerers of the Liberal Party will ever give them credit for. They ought to do their arithmetic. There are a few more people who take their lunch in paper bags than have free lunches. That is pretty simple* basic* decent arithmetic. It is the sort of thing that the Liberals can’t understand.

JOURNALIST: Was there much importance placed on the success of the Australian Grand Prix for example? --- --- ------- -

PM: By whom?

JOURNALIST: By Sinclair overnight, others.

PM: 1 thought the Liberal Party and the National iParty, although the National I’arty is very irrelevant in most of Australia and particularly so in South Australia, but they said here it is, that this was a chance for the South Australians to talk to the Federal Government. I mean they can't have it both ways. They can't up to Saturday morning say now it's federal

Issues, you have got to give a message on federal issues and when the message comes through loud and clear talk about the Grand Prix. But that sort of ambivalence, hypocrisy is typical of the Opposition. They ought to understand that they won't get away with this hypocrisy, this insulting of

the intelligence of the Australian electorate. The Australian electorate is better than that.