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Limited entry for SE trawl fishery from June

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PI85/83 7 May 1985


The Minister for Primary Industry, Mr John Kerin today announced that the management plan for the South East Trawl Fishery would be fully operational from 3 June 1985 when only boats with properly endorsed licences will be able to operate

in the fishery.

Mr Kerin said that following his announcement, in August 1984, of a new management plan for the fishery, licensing authorities have been considering applications for endorsement of Commonwealth boat licences for access to the


He said that closure of the fishery to all but endorsed boats had been delayed to minimise disruption to fishing operations and to allow the processing of endorsement applications.

"Some applications are still subject to appeals but closure of the fishery cannot be delayed any longer without placing the stocks in jeopardy in the longer term and interfering with the improved viability of the fishery," Mr Kerin said.

Mr Kerin said that following consideration of a number of proposals submitted by industry, he has also agreed to a number of important changes to the management plan announced last year.

"The first is the addition of extra industry representatives on the Management Committee from New South Wales and Victoria," Mr Kerin said.

"Conditions for the eventual removal of internal boundries in the fishery have been laid down and the freeze on additional licences has been extended," Mr Kerin said.

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Editors' Note: Details of all the ammendments to the Management Plan and an indicative map of the limited entry area are attached.



1. Industry representation on the Management Committee be increased by inviting NSW and Victorian industry to nominate two representatives. Tasmania reserved its right to increase its industry membership to two.

2. No additional restricted licences should be issued in respect of boats that do not meet the entry criteria for the South Western Sector during the period of the licence freeze except for those boats identified in Section 5 of

the Management Plan and agreed to by the Management Committee.

3. The entry criteria for Region B of the Eastern Sector should be amended to include the following criterion:-CRITERION D

The holder of a current Commonwealth Fishing Boat Licence for a boat which has trawled or Danish seined commercially for fish in Region B of the Eastern Sector in the period /

1 January 1983 to 16 January 1984 and the boat qualifies for an endorsement to operate in Region A of the Eastern Sector or the South Western Sector.

4. Division of the fishery is a temporary measure to be maintained in conjunction with a licence freeze and subject to the following timetable

(i) Division of the Eastern Sector will cease when the problems in this area are identified and remedial measures are agreed to by the Management Committee and implemented.

(ii) Division of the fishery into Sectors will cease when the Management Committee is satisfied the available fisheries resources can support the fleet capacity.

5. Control on Engine Replacement .

As from 28 February 1985 and during the period of the interim boat replacement policy, operators will not be permitted to install engines of greater power (in terms of Manufacturers Recommended Maximum Brake Kilowatts). Those

operators who had entered into a substantial irrevocable financial commitment prior to 28 February 1985 will be permitted to install the new engine. The engine must be installed prior to 31 July 1985 unless operators can demonstrate that the delay was due to purchase factors

beyond their control. . — -

6. Dual Boat Operations

The general licence endorsements will permit operations only by the single stern or side trawling method or the single Danish Seining (Scottish Fly-dragging) method. The Management Committee will consider specific applications ir,

respect of boats endorsed for access to the fishery for exemption f i : ora this general prohibition to assist diversification away from heavily exploited areas and species. Such exemptions will be subject to special

conditions to be determined by the Management Committer.

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Boundaries of the South Eastern Trawl Fishery



Cape Eowe 37·30'S

Cape Conran

: 38* 24*5 148 *1 9 ·£

South Western Sector

30*C0’S .

*0*00’S -