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Equipment to automate the Swan Island Lighthouse has been purchased

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— — 3 - 2 ' H a y 198-5 ---- - --- - ---- - ---- - --- - - — — τ . U . Jd/ 05 -------- ■

Date No.



"Equipment to automate the Swan Island L ig ht h o u s e has been purchased, and is in store in Hobart await in g installation", Senator Peter Rae, the Shadow M in i s t e r for Finance said today- ' · - .

"After m onths of letters, telegrams, and q uestions '

the truth has at last come out. .

.. '

"As recently as 16 Ma y I recei ve d a letter from the M i n i s t e r for Transport, H on ora ble Peter Morris, confi rm in g that 'in the interests of safety, new equ ip me nt to u pd at e' th is important light has bee n purchased, and is now stored .

in Hobart. No decis io n has been m a d e regarding its installation'.

"What the M in i s t e r did not say was w h e t h e r the e q u i pm en t was to replace the existing m an n e d lighthouse equipment, or w hether it was for an automatic lighthouse.

"Question a fter q ue stion had to be asked in the Senate during the A p p r o p r i a t i o n Bills before I drag ge d out, thro u gh the M in ister in the Senate, .the c o nf es si on that,, Ί u nd er s t a n d that the equipment that has been p u r c ha se d and has been stored

is for the purpose of a ut om a t i n g the light.'

"Mr. Morris is to be co nd em ne d for his deception.

"That he has maintained, as recently as his letter, of 16 May, that con su lt at io n w ith the State G o ve rn me nt and w i t h othe r interested parties as to w h e t h e r the c o nv er si on should take place, is o bviously a deception, and m er e l y going t h r o u g h the motions. The e qu ipment to automate the light has been purchased, and is awai ting installation. For h im to p r e t e n d that the option of r et ained m a n ni ng remains open is one of those actions w hich j u s t i f ia bl y causes people to lose faith in government. They can cer ta in ly lose faith in a ny t h i n g that the M i n i s t e r ever has to say again.

"He has been shown to be what he is - it is on the record,

it is in the Hansard - the d e c e pt io n has been uncovered", Senator Rae concluded.

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