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Local sports funding at risk

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"Local sports clubs and organisations run the risk of

losing a valuable source of income", James Porter

Federal Member for Barker said today.

Mr. Porter was commenting on the Federal Government's

proposal to form a new Sports Commission and Sports Aid


"The Commission will be Government controlled with no provision

for direct representation from national sports organisations.

The Commission has no autonomy or financial independence

and the funds it allocates are entirely controlled by the

Minister for S p o r t " .

"The Sports Aid Foundation will be set up to receive donations

from the Australian public which will be tax deductible."

"I am concerned not only about the total control of such

a Commission by the Minister for Sport without any input

from national sports organisations, but I am also deeply

concerned that this offer of tax deductibility for donations

to the Government's Sports Aid Foundation will drain donations

away from local sporting clubs and organisations".



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"Tax deductibility is only to be extended to the Government's

own Sports Foundation and expenditure of funds from that

Foundation will be Government controlled. Local sporting

organisations around the country, many of whom survive on

the support of local companies and individuals, will have

to compete with the more attractive tax deductible Government

Foundation for funds. In addition there is no guarantee

that donations to the Foundation will find their way back

to the donor communities".

"The Opposition is concerned to protect local sports

organisations and we have therefore opposed the legislation

and will be endeavouring to obtain the Democrat's support

in the Senate to do likewise".

Mr. Porter was speaking at the Opening of the new Riverland

Football League building at Berri on Saturday, 18th June,

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