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Blewett must come clean - leaking of Medicare information

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Media ReleaseJAMES PORTER. Federal Shadow Minister for Health Following press reports today that Dr Blewett has received ' the Federal Police report regarding the leaking of confidential Medicare information, the Minister for Health must now come clean and explain what action he is taking.

The leaks identified doctors and their supposed Medicare income for the December quarter.

The public and the medical profession are entitled to an explanation.

The leaking of the information

. was a serious invasion of privacy

. was a breach of Section 130 of the Health Insurance Act,

. indicates a gross lack of security regarding sensitive Commonwealth health records,

. was in direct conflict with undertakings given by the Minister that doctor and patient records would not be made public.

The Minister must give an unequivocal guarantee that further sensitive practitioner records or indeed patient records will not be published.

The public is entitled to protection from this Government's mad pursuit of nationalised medicine which provides it with the most intimate knowledge of patient treatment.

We have a right to know what action the Government is taking to prevent further disclosures.

13 August 1Ϊ385.