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More evidence of Medicare crisis

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Media ReleaseJ A M E S P O R T E R , Federal Shadow Minister for Health MORE EVIDENCE OF MEDICARE CRISIS

Today's report of an Australian Hospital Association survey revealing that hospitals are having to reduce services as a result of inadequate funding is further

evidence of the effect which Medicare is having on health care in Australia, Shadow Minister of Health, James Porter said today

The hospitals are in utter chaos and the Minister is floundering dangerously close to disaster as the system crumbles around him.

Medicare and the levy has resulted in over 20% of people who previously were privately insured dropping their private cover and relying totally on the public hospital system.

The result# of course, has been an increase in the pressure on the public hospital system, but the Federal Government has seen fit to reduce recurrent funding for public hospitals in real terms.

It comes as no surprise that many of the hospitals surveyed reported having waiting lists for elective surgery, and that the waiting lists are increasing.

While medical benefits costs are exploding out of control, the Government is trying frantically to put a lid on the Health Budget by rationing hospital services to the disadvantage of all those who cannot afford private


13th December, 1985

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