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Pensioners' assets re-valuations

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Senator Tony Messner Shadow Minister for Ccranunity Services



Pensioners affected under Labor assets test should ensure

that they are not adversely affected by the economic

consequences of the Hawke Government's failure to come to

grips with either its monetary or wages policies.

Senator Tony Messner - the Shadow Minister for Community

Services - said that high interest rates resulting from

the Hawke Government's failure in these policy areas

could affect the asset valuation of pensioners.

"In a supplementary answer to a question I asked in the

Senate last month, the Minister for Social Security has

said that it is open to a pensioner to seek a review of

his or her pension entitlement at any time."

"Pensioners ought to be fully informed of this."

"Any increase in pension payable as a consequence of a

revaluation of assets would be paid with effect.from

the first pension pay-day after the pensioners request

for a review of entitlement."

Senator Messner said that given the hardline that the

Hawke Government was taking on the assets test it was '

only fair that pensioners pursue their rights to the


"In the administration of the test- the Government is

sticking to the letter of the law in order to save as much

in revenue as possible. Pensioners ought to do the same ,

especially where their change in asset values have been

caused by the failure of Government policy."


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