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Transcript of interview by the opposition leader with Macquarie news

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Q - [re: Mr Hawke's attitude to tax reform through the Tax Summit]

A - Mr Hawke has never been sure about what he should do for genuine tax relief for Australians. Through the election campaign all he could agree upon is to have a Tax Summit. We laid down a blueprint and a

schedule for real tax relief with income splitting, no capital gains taxes, and child care rebates. And it is an indication of the Prime Minister's muddled mind, muddled thinking and lack of authority

over the Labor Party that even in regard to a Summit, he can't indicate to Australians a clear view for tax reform.

Q - Has he backed away for the second time during his Ottawa stay?

A - That seems to be implied in the statement he has made. We have only got the reports and we can ascertain further as you and we question him during the week. But what it shows is that the Government has no real desire for tax reform, but merely finding additional ways of taxing people, whether it be capital gains . tax, death duties or gift duties. And as you know,

I said during the campaign its as certain as night follows day, capital gains tax would come in.

Q - Is it an issue that you will be following up in

the Parliament?

A - Well, it is an issue we have continually been addressing our minds and the Government's minds to. I wouldn't like to indicate, at this early stage, the way in which we will raise it. But quite clearly

the need for genuine tax relief is there. The government is not giving any clear approaches to how it ought be implemented.